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Rush Sheet.

2011-08-05 23:21:28 by xXRushArkXxAngelXx

If you need it,Contact me here or on youtube I have a new youtube Sooo yeah.

Skype: Atreyuthearkangel

Rush the hedgehog sheet Beta

2009-08-16 07:47:01 by xXRushArkXxAngelXx

Okay Guy's want my fc here it is the link to him tell me if you like him =3
As In Posting A Comment Here =D
http://xxrushtehangelxx.deviantart.com /art/Rush-the-hedgehog-Sheet-131835747

And Also here's the link to my youtube account =D
http://www.youtube.com/user/XxRushArkx XAngelxX